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Zoom Announces ‘Everywhere Workforce’ For Post-Pandemic Hybrid Working Model

Zoom Video Communications Inc. announced a new innovation.

“Everywhere Workforce,” to assist companies with their working models as the economy reopens and employees return to work in person.


Zoom created a platform to address employer and employee safety concerns for when the economy begins to reopen and staff return to their workplaces.



The new platform boasts six key transformations to allow employees to work in a hybrid model where there is more flexibility in where employees work, whether it’s from home, in-office or in separate spaces within the same building.

The six key innovations to prepare for a post-pandemic work environment include the following, Zoom said:

Ability to pair a Zoom Room with a mobile device.

Ability to view real-time people count data.

Ability to monitor a room’s environment and air quality.

A virtual receptionist/Kiosk mode.



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