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Your Girlfriend/Wife Want You To Do These Four Things To Them At Night

It is the prime duty of a man to make their spouse happy. After all, your wife married you because she loves you and you married her because she gave your butterflies in your stomach.However, it is not always easy to do that duty I talked about. Years after marriage, some things just get boring since they have been done repeatedly. THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO READ THIS.

You can spice up your love life with your wife by doing these things. When you come back from your workplace at night, you can do them to your wife to make her happy. She would love you more if you do them so please read keenly.

1. Ask her how her day went: When you get back from work, don’t just eat your food and sleep off like a bag of beans. Separate a little time to have an intimate and interesting tete-a-tete with your wife. Ask her what happened to her today. Inquire from her if a guy is bothering her or something. If she says yes, pretend to be jealous even if you are not.
2. Compliment her cooking: Nothing gets a woman like compliments. Women love being complimented, that is why they wear fashion trendy clothes and wear classy shoes. They are always after getting compliments from men and even fellow women.
3. Tell her how much you love her: Women are creatures who need to be constantly reminded that they are someone most prized possession. Keep telling her you love her and see how much happiness you’ll give her. Women are emotional beings and those words can really lighten up their mood.
4. Carry her to the bed and watch her sleep: Pampering is something that most people think exists only between newlyweds but it is not so. Make sure you pamper your wife and she would reciprocate the gesture. She would pamper you if you pamper her.One of the best ways to pamper her tonight is to carry her to bed. You might feel tired but just do it. Tomorrow morning when she wakes up, you will see that smile on her face that you’ve always loved.

Try doing the things I have said above to your wife. It would cost you nothing but you will gain a lot.

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