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Why your makeup isn’t lasting.

Ever wondered why your makeup isn’t holding? Even though you blend well and brush evenly and make sure to put on a generous amount of foundation and concealer?

Well, I’ll give you three reasons why.

Some tutorials won’t tell you but; maybe it has to do with your skin type. When it comes to make up products, the producers/ manufacturers always have the right product for a specific skin type. So maybe you have oily skin, and instead of going for an oil free concealer or foundation you went for one that was not oil free. And it ended up making your skin oiler and the makeup more slippery. Well, that’s too bad. As my makeup tutor once said, always read. Always read because it will save your life and save you from trouble when purchasing a makeup product. Also we have different skin types. There is the  dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and combined /combination skin type  (it could be a combination of dry and oily skin, sensitive and dry and so on).

So you choose products based on your skin type and choose well.

Do you use a good primer? Because if you don’t, it might be the other reason your makeup isn’t holding. Sweetheart, aside blending; priming is the heart and soul for that perfect makeup look you want. A good primer equals good foundation for your makeup. A primer is like John the Baptist. it helps pave way for the other products to sit well. Examples of good brands that have amazing primers are; Fenty beauty, L.A girl, kiss beauty, MAC, Mary Kay and the likes.

Are you using fake products? Because if you are,  that’s where your holding problem is. The fake is never like the original and the original is never like the fake. Please let’s respect ourselves, let’s love ourselves and stop buying fake and dirt cheap makeup products. Because good makeup doesn’t come cheap. Just like how good things don’t come easy.


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