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What is the blog and who is the blogger?

The word “blog” is a contraction of the words Web and log. It is an informational Web page that consists of discrete units called coasts. So simply put , the whole idea of blogging evolved from the concept of keeping records. In essence, when captains or the crew of a ship kept records of the ongoings on the sea or general activities during their voyages on sea.

So like the ship logs , Web logs seem to maintain a similar chronology. Although vise versa.

Blog posts are often less formal. They can be professional, creative , artistic, academic and what have you.


Blogging began in the 1990’s as an online diary, where like a diary, events were recorded onto the online diary by the person who owned the online diary. But as time went on, it evolved.

Blogs are  a unique form of online publishing. They  helps create opportunity, build social networks  and produce knowledge.

There are several types of blogs. There are the business blogs, niche blogs, reverse blogs, personal blogs and so on.

But these days, vlogs which feature videos instead of text, are thriving more than blogs. It seems like people want to see something exciting, not read something exciting.


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