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Wear Nose Masks or Pay Gh¢20.00

In the President’s recent address to the nation on the updates of measures taken to fight the Corona virus pandemic, he really emphasized on the importance of wearing nose masks as a measure to avoid the spread. In addition, he cautioned Ghanaians not to wait to be arrested by the police before they wear the nose masks. In most part of Ghana, organisations have different forms of punishment for failing to wear the nose masks. In some places, you may be denied entrance to a particular place if you dont wear nose mask.

In a receipt circulating online, a man named “Dela” was charged Gh¢20.00 for failing to wear nose masks. The money was paid to the Ho Municipal Assembly. This is a good penalty for people who fail to wear the nose mask. The money charged will serve as a form of deterrence to people who fail to protect themselves from the deadly pandemic.

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