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Waste company saves lives of 15 inmates.

Zeal Environmental Technologies Limited, an oil field mining and industrial waste management company in the Western Region has paid fines totaling GH¢30,000, for 15 inmates who were serving prison terms at the Sekondi male prison.

The individual fines slapped on them by the courts ranged between GH¢1,200 and GH¢6,000.

Confined and denied freedom for months in the four walls of this structure these 15 young men finally can join their families and society.

There were scenes of emotion at the Sekondi Prisons when the prison officers handed over their dresses to them and told them they were free to join their families.

Kodua Padma Robert Is among the 15 young inmates here at the sekondi prisons who are leaving the confined walls of this prison to freedom.

“I was there and they called me that they have released me today and I was very happy,

I want to say God bless Zeal Environmental Technologies Limited because I was to serve a prison term of one year for failing to pay a fine of 2,400 cedis“.

He and his colleagues, who described the prison environment as very harsh were serving various terms between eight and 24 months due to their inability to pay fines imposed on them by the courts.

Inmate Welfare officer, DSP Ibrahim Yakubu on his part said the gesture by the company will go a long way to decongest the prison especially during this pandemic

He, however, pleaded with the company to do follow up on the inmates and enroll them in various enterprises so they don’t return to the prison

Chief Executive of Zeal environmental, Kwaku Ennin, said the company heard about the plight of the inmates and considered it important that they were allowed to mend their ways and to also have a second chance at life.

“Most of the time prisoners are forgotten people in the society, they are in castrated, nobody thinks about them but they are human beings”

He continued by saying it is by accident that the inmates found themselves at the prison”

“A lot of people have been lucky they are not here, they are walking in society freely but have committed worse crimes and offences but because they were just lucky they are not here.”

The motivation factor for this gesture is that is that society has to be fair to them ,assist them to have a second chance in life.

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