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“Walk out of my office ” – Andy Dosty sacks Okese 1 from Hitz FM.

Ghanaian on-air personality, Andy Dosty has sacked rising musician Okesse 1 from his Hitz FM ‘Daybreak Hitz Show’ over a complaint that he acted rudely.

The incident happened this morning, Wednesday 10th February 2021, during the Day Break Hitz show hosted by Andy Dosty.

During the interview, Andy asked “massa is everything OK?” and Okesse 1 replied, “why are you asking that“. Andy was shocked at his response and asked why he asked him a question in return and he faintly said: ” cause I am good“.

The encounter threw the radio presenter off when he said “but how do I tell you are good, am I a doctor?” and Okesse 1 responded saying that ” errh what shows I am not good?

Andy Dosty then explained that “but whoever comes here I asked if you are good or not, what is wrong with that?” before Okesse 1 said that “then I didn’t get how you were trying to say it“.

However, at this point, Andy could hold himself and asked the up and coming rapper to leave his studio. “What is happening here, I don’t understand, I am sorry, no, I want to understand” angry Andy said.

In Okesse 1’s defence, he replied “no I think you misunderstood me” and Andy detailed that “because you walked into my studio without saying anything, you walked in late, you didn’t say anything to me, you came you sat quietly and you are asking me why I asked if you are ok“.

Please walkout from my studio now, I am sorry please now. please out, I don’t entertain rudeness” he added.

Watch the video below.

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