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Valentine and Covid-19 restrictions , will you adhere ?

This year, Valentine is going to be on a Sunday, and there is no doubt that restaurants, pubs, bars and the beach are going to be crowded. It’s the day to show love and affection to your beloved, but how feasible will your plans be in this era of the new variant of the Covid-19 pandemic that has rapidly killed a lot of people.

Most people have made plans to have a good time at hotels, spa sessions and restaurants, In light of this day which is supposed to be a delightful one.

However, The President, H. E Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo clearly mentioned in his recent address on measures taken against the spread of the coronavirus, that ‘restaurants, pubs and bars are to remain closed until further notice ’ but many are with hopeful that, this restriction will be relaxed on the 14th.

Many people are willing nevertheless to go against this directive and be locked down afterwards . But will this be worth it? Would you rather test positive after the celebration?

We’ll like to know your thoughts in the comments.

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