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Top 5 Dangerous Attackers in Europe

Marcus Rashford ranks 5th among most dangerous attackers in Europe

Rashy is actually not far behind Haaland.

Marcus Rashford is only behind Bruno Fernandes in terms of goal involvements for Manchester United but he also ranks high among the best in Europe.

Rashford has been involved in 27 goals this season across competitions – one behind a certain Erling Haaland (28).

And that’s not all – Rashy has ranked fifth on the list while Bruno is currently third. Take a look:

Players with most goal involvements across Europe in 2020/21

– Robert Lewandowski (36)

– Harry Kane (34)

  • Bruno Fernandes (30)
  • Erling Haaland (28)
  • Marcus Rashford (27)

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