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“This Is Uninteresting To Watch” – Netizens Trashes Bebe Cool’s New Song Dubbed ‘Surrender’

Nigerians and Some Ugandan citizens have taken to social media to drag Bebe Cool after he released a song dubbed surrender.

Bebe Cool

In his Twitter caption, he asked his fans to stream the song all over the world. The Ugandan artist released this song a few hours after his beef with Tems. Recall that Tems descended on him for being the mastermind behind their arrest in Uganda.

Bebe Cool

He has been trending on social media than for being involved in the scandal. To take advantage, he released his new song to get his fans and other people to stream it. This actually has gotten him trolls from Twitter users as he being lambasted for recording such a song.


They considered it trash and trolled him to do a different thing aside from music since he has no talent. Some people indicated that they would have watched advertisements instead of listening to his songs. His fellow Ugandan’s expressed their displeasure with his attitude and requested Nigerians to troll him for them. However, they indicated that they do not like him because he is a pit latrine.

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