Home News The very rapid spread of the Coronavirus Variant

The very rapid spread of the Coronavirus Variant

 In recent weeks, European countries have begun mandatory medical- grade masks in public, as the strain of the virus, first identified in the United Kingdom threatens to ravage communities. British scientists, estimates that it could be as much as 70% more transmissible.

The existence of a more-transmissible virus emphasizes the importance of intensifying our efforts not to do more of the same but better of the same.

Here is How to Protect Yourself!

The Centres for Disease Control in Ghana, encourages that, we wear a well-fitting mask with two or more layers of washable breathable fabric and avoid surgical masks and other face coverings meant for health-care workers.

You can also wear a second nose mask over the one you already wear or, either the KN95 ,or N95 masks, to protect yourself.

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