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The Tale Of Two Lovers

Who are they not to smile,

When they have someone to hold,

The other’s   heart worth more than gold,

For their ‘other’ they would go more than a mile,

While sinners like us sit in the cold,

Basking in the glory of our stories once told.

They say hearts like ours are good for the burning,

And yet they know not of our yearning,

Our silent tears, that led the night beasts and little demons to our doorsteps

Only they know our depths,

Is it wrong to seek comfort in the arms of another?

Or maybe what’s wrong is that your lover never loved you.

Maybe an eye for an eye is the answer,

Or maybe what man seeks is true power

How can it be that we loved and were crushed!

How can it be that our songs were hushed?

How can it be that our only sin was that we learnt love at our father’s knee?

Only to come up with this sorrowful plea


Why should it sting so much even after all this time?

Dear Lord, please tell us our crime

And sentence us to a quick and painless exit.

-Ama’s _thoughts!


Courage Bansahhttps://ghdispatch.com
I am all that you heard about me


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