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The Fortnite Battle of Apple brought Epic Games to the U.K.

The year went up to a new year, but some aspects are unusual.
COVID-19 continues to threaten the world’s population, Big Tech is still being tested, and Fortnite is still missing on iPhones. While the battle between Epic Games and Apple seems to be one of the biggest dramas of the past year, there really seems to be no solution.
As if you were trying to stir up again, Apple and even Google, this time in
the United Kingdom, seemed to have filed an antitrust complaint across the pond.

The root cause is, of course, the same. Following an August update, the purchase mechanism was circumvented and, thus, avoided paying its normal 30 percent charge, Apple removed Fortnite from its App Store. Google was following suit however, as opposed to the iOS, Fortnite The Epic Games or Galaxy Store Samsung stays directly available.

Epic Games were dried before the ink to remove Fortnite. Apple was already convicted of monopoly and unequal trading through an American prosecution.
It lost, unfortunately, when the court ruled that Apple was entitled to ban Fortnite, but that Apple was not allowed to hinder Epic’s unreal engine.

The game maker, now owning its own store for computers games, who argued that Apple has utilized its dominant position, loaded a similar complaint with the UK antitrust court.

He pointed out that the Court does not seek damages in its complaints in the United States or Australia and the United Kingdom, but seeks to raise payment limits from third parties. That is why Fortnite was withdrawn first. Epic Games also brought the same lawsuit against Google.

It is not clear at this point how the UK will decide and how the decision of the United States court will affect it last October. Apple and Epic Games are still in the current court struggle.
Making it for both parties a very long and costly journey in May.

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