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The Drill

We had to work over time to pay the bills

We changed your diapers and hugged you tight

We kept you warm during those cold nights

We lied to our bosses to keep the job

We saved our butts off and wore tattered clothes 

Just so we could afford your million dollar clothes and shoes 

We starved, got internally scared

We fed and over fed your bellies

Just so you could

Just so you could step on our dignities and destroy our delicately built identities 

It hurts yeah, 

You really hurt us

But love goes beyond grudges

Love goes beyond anything and everything

Even disrespect, 

But this betrayal is more than we can bare

We’re human 

Not meta human!

We deserve better!


Courage Bansahhttps://ghdispatch.com
I am all that you heard about me


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