Home News The Black Satellites Will Give A Good Game Against Gambia.

The Black Satellites Will Give A Good Game Against Gambia.

The Black Satellites Will Give A Good Game Against Gambia.

The head coach of the Ghana U_20 team Karim Zito says that, his side will go into Monday’s clash against Gambia as hard as stone to get the ultimate push to the grand_finale.

He went on praising the young Gambians for performances they have showcased so far, also, the weather conditions in Nouadhibou is not favouring his side, Satellites .

In his press conference before the game tomorrow, he said:

“Football is a game of uncertainties. There’s always an element of surprise and that’s what happened in the group stage against the Gambians.

“But we always have time to make amendments so meeting them again, what will in change our team is the character and attitude. You can expect that we will amend what we did wrong in the game we lost.”

“Africa football is changing. Previously you can easily say Ghana will beat Gambia but now their standard has improved. And there is always an element of surprise but now we are coming into this match like wounded tigers to secure a win”, the Black Satellites stated at the Pre- match press conference held on Sunday.

Coach Zito also revealed that the weather conditions in Nouadhibou affected his team’s consistency in the group stage.

“The weather conditions in Nouadhibou was one of the factors that affected us in the group stages.

“We had a problem adapting to the weather early butthankfully we have adapted now and we’ve been able to reach this stage of the competition.”

Coach Zito again reiterated that his team has been offered another opportunity to amend their errors in the group stage and stressed that the attitude for Monday’s game will never be same as the group stage.

“We saw a lot of things we weren’t happy with but the players showed a positive attitude against Cameroon which gave us the victory. It will be the same players but a lot will change and that will depend on me and my players”, he added.

The match will be played on Stade Olympique Stadium on Monday at exactly 4pm.

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