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“Stop Sleeping Around” – Sharon Okpamen Advises Nollywood Actresses

A Nollywood actress, Sharon Okpamen has applauded herself for her hard work in the industry with a message to her colleagues.

Sharon Okpamen

Speaking in an interview, she explained how she strived to be successful trying to be decent. She explained that decency is an icon and when that when abducted, maximum respect is attained.

Sharon Okpamen

The talented actress complained about the fact that many men would approach you in many forms when you are an actress. However, she advises her fellow celebrities, to not fall victim to being used by just anybody.

According to her, she is okay with what God has given her, hence, she is naturally endowed. To her, she always followed instructions to do what she was directed to do since she does not control the script.

Read her post below:

“To be decent makes you an icon. An actress or any female celebrity should learn to close her legs because men will come in a different form.”

“As an actress, I only do what I am asked to do, I don’t own or control the script. However, I have messages that I want to pass to society and they can only be achieved as a producer. So, I needed to have to privilege to pass my message. I have produced more than 20 movies and I have lost count of how many movies I have featured in.”

“Everybody has a choice, but I don’t subscribe to it. I like what God has endowed me with. I’m naturally endowed”



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