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Star wars Battlefront 2 Epic Games giveaway causes EA servers to crash

Fans who want to play Star Wars Battle Front II free of charge on the Epic Games Store suffer crashes as the server traffic is suddenly heavy. EA’s multiplayer shooter from Star Wars is the latest in a range of free games that have been published by Epic over the last couple of years, to the amusement of gamers who are stranded and frozen in cash during a global pandemic.

While it has been initially packed with a great deal of ridiculousness at the start of his debut last year, Star Wars Battlefront II, thanks to a number of fixes, upgrades and even fan mods, has since developed into a common and worthwhile experience in Galaxy Far, a fabled film film. There was therefore much anticipation when Epic revealed that fans could buy Star Wars Battlefront II absolutely gratis late last week, to the point that the online servers of the game are now experiencing trouble.

Players logged on to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II servers have received error messages across a weeks of free gift from the Epic Games Store, according to PCGamesN. Strangely enough, some of these messages claim that the players concerned are prohibited from playing online, but that the real culprit is the high traffic that the free offer provides. The good news is, the server department at EA works to fix the problem wisely, with EA Support ensuring Twitter fans.

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