Home News Salesman stakes Gh¢7,000.00 bet with Company sales

Salesman stakes Gh¢7,000.00 bet with Company sales

Saddick Amoah, a 23 year old working as a salesman at a Fan Milk depot situated at Ashaiman – Accra, is being accused at court for gambling with company sales.

Ms. Thelma Bortey, the depot manager said she noticed that an amount of GH¢7,000.00 was missing from sales and could not be accounted for whilst looking over their accounts. This prompted her to report Saddick to the police for thorough investigation.

The accused confessed after interrogation that he used the said amount for online betting in hope that he would win and refund before anyone would notice, but due to his loss, he was unable to pay back.

Afrifa Akwasi, a Superintendent at the Ashaiman Circuit Court spoke recounted the issue in an interview with some journalists.

 “Saddick Amoah was employed by someone in a Fan Milk depot in Ashaiman as a salesperson at the depot. Anybody who comes to make some purchases, he takes the money. So from time to time, he renders account to his employer. Towards the end of the month of January, his superior asked him to render account to her. Anytime the call is made to him, he hesitates to respond. The manager then decided to report to the police since he was not forthcoming.

When he was interrogated by the police, he opened up that he used the money in betting with the hope that if he wins he would refund the embezzled funds. Unfortunately for him, he lost. The police then decided to process him for court.

At the court, he did not admit his wrongdoing. The court, therefore, pronounced that someone bails him of an amount of GH¢10,000.00″, the Superintendent narrated.

The case is adjourned to March 3.


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