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Rawlings Has Another Daughter?- Mysterious Woman Claims Maame Dokono Paid Her To Shut Up

In the wake of the on-going final state funeral of the late Jerry John Rawlings, a mysterious woman has come to claim that she is the daughter of the late former President of Ghana.

According to her, the late former President had an affair with her mother which led to she been conceived in the process.

She revealed that her mother had to keep the pregnancy because the former President was about leaving for abroad to school.

“My mother said Rawlings had to go to school and that if his family knew that he had impregnated her, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to further his education so she kept it as a secret. They were childhood lovers and because of the love my mother had for him, she also didn’t mention him and got him to go to school,” she told SVTV.

On how she got to found out if the late president was his biological father, the lady said her mother disclosed to her the identity of her father in 2002. However, she opened up to Grace Omaboe known popularly as Maame Dokono who gave her money and asked her not to go public about it because it could lead to her death.

“I told Maame Dokono about this but she said this is dangerous and that if I don’t keep quiet about it, it may lead to my death. She gave me some money and asked that I leave town because what I disclosed to her was very dangerous. I left town for sometime with the money given to me.”

She said she has made efforts at getting close to the family in Accra but all her efforts have hit a snag because her siblings do not want anything to do with her.

The lady indicated that she is ready for a paternal test to prove that she’s the daughter of the late former President so that she can just get close to her siblings.

Watch the interview below.


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