Home News Rainstorm destroys 548 houses in Chamba in the Northern region.

Rainstorm destroys 548 houses in Chamba in the Northern region.

A rainstorm has hit the Chamba township in the Nanumba North Municipality of the Northern Region destroying 548 houses.

Six of the eight schools in the area were also destroyed forcing authorities to close down schools.

Currently, the township has been plunged into darkness as 16 electricity polls that connect the town to the national grid were also destroyed.

Municipal NADMO Director, Mawindaal Tigananya, told Joy News that six other communities which were also affected are yet to be accessed.

The Defense Minister-designate, Dominic Nitiwul who toured the area this morning said he was donating 3,500 pieces of zinc to support the people to reconstruct their homes.

He assured that NADMO would return next week with support.

The Minister added that work on the reroofing of the schools would commence earnestly next week for schools to be quickly reopened.

Mr. Nitiwul said form three junior high school students are currently being housed in a temporal facility while the rest are home.

He said the environment is no longer fit for studies thus the reason they urgently need to mobilize resources to fix the damage.

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