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Police Crashed with Sympatizers at Ama Broni’s funeral as they broke Covid-19 Protocols

Ama Broni

Friends and sympathizers of late slay queen Ama Broni came in the their numbers to the final funeral rite of their beloved queen but the program did not appear as funeral as confusion rocked all through last Tuesday 9th Feb 2021.

Many groups of her friends turned the funeral into a twerking competition to show their last respect to the slay queen who died shortly after twerking last month.

Whiles the twerking was busily happening at the funeral grounds of the late slay queen, confusion also took center stage through the day as misunderstanding and fights erupted while she was about to be buried.

Even though the president had placed a quota on number of people which is allowed for funerals because of the preventive measures to contain COVID-19, hundreds of people were in attendance.

The police clashed with many of these attenders who were either not wearing nose masks or were not following the simple protocol by observing social distancing.

It got to a stage where police commander DSP Dankwah Agyekum and his men blocked the ambulance which was carrying the dead body of the late slay queen because of how people were breaking the COVID protocols. This caused a massive riot between the people and the police for hours until peace was eventually restored.

Upon getting to the cemetery, another confusion erupted as it has been ordered by the president that only 25 people can be in attendance but that too was broken.

After her burial, most of her friends got back to the twerking competition and also had the nerve to speak before cameras while twerking and advertising a twerking show just like Ama Broni had previously did before she died.

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