Home News Pars Kitchen, Also known as the celebrity cook.

Pars Kitchen, Also known as the celebrity cook.

Philippine Aba Richter is also known as ‘Pars Kitchen who’s well known in the country as a celebrity cook.
Pars kitchen was Founded in the year 2020.

‘Pars kitchen has come a long way. from the beginning, we started in small space. My passion for cooking lead me to start pars Kitchen. I was working full-time in a company but I had to resign and focus on my dreams. Little did I know my dreams will lead me to my source of income in this life. God has been so good to me in this journey. I recently got an award as the best entrepreneur of the year at the OHA awards.

At Pars Kitchen they provide you with nothing but the best of local and continental dishes that indulge your taste buds and leaves you coming back for more.

Pars Kitchen is a food delivery service which aims at providing quality yet affordable meals to its valued customers . Pars kitchen is dedicated to giving you the very best of meals with their focus on reliability, great customer service, and uniqueness.

They provide lunch delivery Services, Event catering, Corporate training, Food Baskets, and Freezer friendly stews and soups which are always made with love.

Pars kitchen, Made with love, Served with passion.


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