Home News Over GH¢11 million Aston Martin Spotted in Ghana.

Over GH¢11 million Aston Martin Spotted in Ghana.

“YourCarGuy” is a popular car dealer on Ghana Twitter. He has over 16 thousand followers on the app mainly because he has built a good brand with selling vehicles online. In a recent tweet he shared today, he posted a special 1/500 Aston Martin SUV DBX which was at the Country’s port.

Although the car didn’t look like he was selling, he just captioned the picture with a common popular caption “hustle oo”. This is because the starting price of the special Aston Martin vehicle is at least $192,986. This amount converted to Ghana cedis is over 11 million Ghana cedis, excluding other expenses like duty and transportation cost paid on the car.This car may be expensive because it is limited in supply that is, only 500 of this brand were made worldwide.

It is unknown on who maybe the owner of this vehicle but it is clear the owner can be one of the rich people in Ghana.
See the pictures below .

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