Home News "Nipah Virus". Another deadly pandemic rises.

“Nipah Virus”. Another deadly pandemic rises.

As all the attention of the health sectors have been drawn to the COVID 19 Pandemic, another deadly pandemic known as the Nipah Virus has risen again. This pandemic has risen in Asia typically China and it is likely to spread even more than the Corona Virus. About the Nipah Virus,

It has no vaccine yet. The disease can be transferred from person to person, from animals to people and also from infected fruits to people. The disease is mostly caused by animals from research. Per research, when fruits are contaminated with fluids from infected animals such as bats it can also lead to the spread. This disease also spreads within animals such as pigs and the like. The virus has caused a wide range of illness such as respiratory illness. As the pandemic has no vaccine yet, one must make sure to see the doctor as soon one experiences the following 1. Drowsiness, confusion 2. Swelling of brain 3. Coma 4. Seizures. Please make sure to share this article to your loved ones and friends to save lives. Keep following ghdispatch for more updates, Thank You.


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