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NGC Accra sector meets.

New Generations Crusaders, a Christian youth movement whose main focus is on winning souls and making Christlike disciples had a meeting with its members yesterday in Accra. The main focus of this meeting is as to remind its members on their purpose and how to fulfill them.
They also discussed issues pertaining to the growth of the group and its members. The members who partook in this outreach were very happy with the timely and conscious messages and guide given them by their Leaders.
In attendance was Mr. Edem Asilevi, Senior servant of the group. He admonished the members to be goal oriented and be focused on achieving purpose more to any other things.
The members couldn’t hold back their joys when they met. There was merry making and celebration.
What next? NGC Volta Meets

Fulfilling the servanthood! Quench not the spirit!! kasshhh!!!

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