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Nation devoted to closing the void in ‘learning poverty’ Dr. Adutwumum

Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum, Minister-designate for Education, affirmed the government’s commitment to ensuring that school children in rural areas are able to develop their literacy skills by the age of 10.

As part of the International Day of Education celebration, Dr. Adutwum, who made a speech in Parliament, said the government must devote more money to curb what has been described as literacy poverty, a condition in which children by the age of 10 are unable to read and comprehend basic text.

“When we talk about the disparity we see in terms of education, the fact that Zoom is not available in the public schools, we must not lose sight of the fact that it is happening because of the digital divide that we find ourselves confronted with. It finds expression in education divide and for us to be able to solve the challenge of education divide, we have to go to the root of the problem.

The good news is that the Ministry of Communications is looking at rural connectivity and when you solve the issue of rural connectivity which allows families who have mobile phones to get connectivity and help their children do school work,” he said.

He called for a systemic approach to tackling learning poverty, particularly because the pandemic is plaguing the nation.
“Education is a vehicle that promotes socio-economic development and throughout the pandemic, we will combat learning poverty,” he added.

Issue spectrum
The recently adopted notion of learning poverty by the World Bank builds on data produced in cooperation with the Institute for Statistics of UNESCO.

He is confident of securing the consent of the legislature to thoroughly introduce a number of new measures, according to Dr. Adutwum, outlining how schooling can be carried out successfully in the wake of the pandemic.

Vincent Assafuah, Member of Parliament for the Old Tafo constituency, has made a speech commemorating the International Day of Education calling for school curriculum change to ensure that Ghanaian children can compete everywhere in the world.

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