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“My Journey With Fibroids” – Actress Inidima Okojie Cries Out With Advise To Women

Nollywood actress, Inidima Okojie, has taken to her Instagram account to share her experience with fibroid and how she battled with it.


In a length caption, she expressed her joy in successfully getting off the fibroid through surgery. According to her, the journey of her fibroid began in 2017 and ended in 2020. She disclosed how she coped with pain and discomfort as her lower abdomen kept increasing in size.

Inidima recounted that her first gynecologist advised her to leave the fibroid because it was small in her belly. However, it increased in size to an extent where she had to take off as advised by her second gynecologist.

To add to her story, she appreciated the doctors and surgeons that worked on her. She thanked her family, friends, and followers for showing her immense love. In the video, she was seen sitting on her hospital bed following successful surgery to remove the fibroid.

Her caption reads

“My journey with FIBROIDS

Hey Guys, I know it’s been a minute!.
I want to share something quite personal with you… but I think it’s important.
Cos this is something that apparently affects about 6-8 in every 10 black women but no one talks about It.

I found out I had fibroids in 2017, I remember freaking out so much. The first gynecologist I saw said if it wasn’t really bordering me he would advise I leave it alone but that I had better go and quickly get married (🙄 no jokes)

Anyway, fast forward to March 2020, the bulge on my lower belly had gotten bigger & my new gynecologist advised I take out the fibroids. Then Covid happened and we had to put the surgery on hold.
In the meantime, I tried other things… herbs, a clean diet, exercise…

Now fast forward to November, the bulge in my tummy had now increased significantly so I decided to go do another pelvic scan & was told I had to get an MRI cos the fibroids were now bigger than what the ultrasound machine could adequately measure.
Bottom line I had to have the surgery as soon as possible.

I had the surgery, it was successful and I’m now healing slowly but surely.
I just want to thank God Almighty for showing up and showing out for me!!!!
I want to thank my family and friends especially my mum and my Aunty Biola who moved into the hospital and never left my side. I want to thank Dr. Esue & all the Drs & Nurses at Cedarcrest hospital for taking such good care of me.
And finally, I want to thank you guys who have been sending me messages/DMs, wondering if I’m okay & praying for me anyway. 💞

To the women out there dealing with fibroids. I know what a lonely road it can be.. not to talk of the pain and discomfort and then there are the ignorant ‘congrats on your pregnancy’ comments to deal with 🙄
It’s okay they don’t know any better.
I want you to know that my DMs are opened to you. If you want to ask questions, talk, or even just rant. (I’ll respond once I get stronger)

I know 2020 has been a tough year
But we are tougher!!! We’re still here… we survived!!! That alone is a huge feat.
Let’s remember to be kind to ourselves and to others. I pray 2021 is better for us all!.

Lots of Love Ini”

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