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Moesha Boduong’s plastic bortos is getting rotten

In a bid to get a ‘Coca-Cola’ body shape and a voluminous backside, most of our female celebrity enhance their bodies artificially.

Socialite Moesha Buodong is one of such female celebs.

She has boldly said on multiple platforms that she has done plastic surgery to get her big ‘butts’.

Just recently, the film star whilst speaking on a Gh One TV lifestyle show said that she had a plastic surgery called ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’.

Detailing how it is done, Moesha said it is a fat transplant procedure where fats are sucked from other parts of her body and dumped in her backside .

Explaining why she went for the surgery, the actress who is widely known due to her curvy body said it was because she wanted a fast result.

According to Meosha, she sees nothing wrong with it because it is just like hitting the gym to work out for a banging body, except that the surgery gives instant result.

Well, a new photo posted by herself sees her bortos getting rotten.

From the photo posted on her IG handle, you can visibly see her skin poking out as if it’s about to burst open.

moesha rotten bortos

moesha rotten bortosInstagram netizens were fast to zoom and identify that there was something different back Moesha’s backside.Read some comments below:

moesha rotten

moesha rotten


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