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Men they say, don’t cry. Is that the case?


Society’s expectin’ the perfect man
Tellin him, wear a suit, you gon look better.
Tellin him niggas don’t cry, let the women do that.
They lied to him, told him the world is a man’s own,
But my NIQQA knows that ain’t true
They put a leash on him and called it a tie.
Society never considered my nigga a man
He kept bus’in his ass for em, regardless he was sick or well.
But my niqqa’s been sick
He just don’t wanna talk about it cause society  gon say he’s supposed to be a man
He’s supposed to be rock hard
But they keep forgetin’ even the hardest rocks have breaking points
They call a niqqa with a dream a joker,
So they dumped him in Gotham where he can be stepped on and beaten by rich dudes and they kids
Ma niqqa is only called the man when he owns the latest cars and iPhones
Ma niqqa is frustrated
Ma niqqa’s got a big heart
So they tell him to wear an armor and get to work
He breaks his delicate back and. …
What he get?
Insults, and the hurtful criticisms of people who he thought was gon love him
Ma niqqa started smoking weed and they tell him
He’s an outlaw, he’s a bad example
No. No. And no! It ain’t him!
Ma niqqa’s a victim in every way
He’s cried many tears y’all can’t  see
Fightin battles his people’s blind to
Ma nigga stay committed
Ma nigga’s gon’  make it
He don’t need to be a society’s man
My niqqa! MY MAN.


Edited by Blueprint ♾🌟

niqqa = man

gon’=going to or gonna


Courage Bansahhttps://ghdispatch.com
I am all that you heard about me


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