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Medikal’s manager likes black magic – Show boy warns Teephlow over his beef with Medikal

Showboy who is known to be the Co-founder of the AMG business in a tweet has advised Teephlow to stop the beef with Medical because, his manager, known as FLOW DELLY loves black magic a lot. Showboy used Strongman as an example that after he made a beef with Medical, he hasn’t gotten any hit song so he is advising Teephlow that if he isn’t having any strong spiritual backup, he should stop the beef. He wrote in a tweet;

Last advice to Teephlow…mdk in manager called FLOW DELLY….HE DEY LOVE JUJU PAA….If you go try Medical, them go just burry your soul…. Please stop….AMG boys be deadly…if you don’t have a correct Mallam and no get heart go Benin don’t beef is yeye deadly.

U go do saa then mdk drop another hit song that be the funny side of the business… Strongman beef mdk finish he never get hit song after that…ya kye kyere no”

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