Home News Medikal explains the actual meaning of A.M.G.

Medikal explains the actual meaning of A.M.G.

In an interview with one of the popular presenter, Brother Sammy on a radio, Medikal was asked about the real meaning of AMG because so many meanings have been given out already. Medikal took the opportunity to explain that the real meaning of the AMG business is “Arab Money Gang” which he explained that the Arabs have high currency when it comes to money and so with the lifestyle of the AMG family, it matches. Brother Sammy who was the host said that their boss Criss Waddle also revealed a different meaning which is “Anointed Men of God”. Medikal replied again that, all the meanings they have been giving for the AMG beign it “Anointed Men of God”, “Arab Money Gang”, “Amanfuor girls” it is accepted so far as it matches with the AMG family lifestyle.

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