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Man Dies After Sleeping with Pastor’s Side Girlfriend-Accra

A 34 year old man on Friday the 22nd of January died after having S*X with his pastor’s side chick.


There has been so many occasions ladies must learn from their mistakes but some keeps repeating same mistakes all times.

Speaking to the lady, she says:

”The deceased man invited her to his house at a scheduled time this dawn around 4am for a prayer session. On reaching his single room, I realized he neatly laid down his bed and arranged everything in the room accordingly.


I was scared but didn’t want to have the negative mindset for him that he would do something to me. Later within 5min I asked him when the prayer will commence and he replied “I should relax”.


Few minutes afterwards, he approached me with kisses and started fondling with my breast and I couldn’t do anything anymore than to respond to his actions.

This man f**k me for approximately 30 minutes and suddenly fainted instantly.

I rushed out and called neighbors around for help and quickly rushed him to a known Hospital. On reaching the Hospital, he “called to glory”.

The pastor who has a wife and kids at home heard the incident and angrily went to the scene to slap the girlfriend.

The issue is currently in the custody of a known Police Station.



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