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Looking for something mind blowing? I just found it!

This blew me away.

am I worthy??? Burdened with afflictions tossed to and fro by addictions…. am I ready?

REady to carry the heavy task of reaching out to the lost…..Ready to be the mouthpiece of peace to a perverse 

generation  rejecting salvation…where lies my validation? When temptation after temptation knock me to the ground the so

called ambassador of the Heavenly kingdom? 


These questions running through the mind of Christian….too concerned with our flaws and weaknesses…

.trapped like Elsa in our icy castles of self doubt and guilt..

Frozen  by our desires for the material…we ignore the spiritual… cos we just can’t let it go

Workmen of God distracted by the deceptive  treasures of this world….captivated yet in captivity..

We fail to understand the gravity of the insanity the world plunges into….cos we ourselves lack clarity of scripture….


Yet the question still remains staring us in our face….Are we ready?

Ready to drop the labels the world has given you 

aNd follow Romans 12: 2: not subjecting to conformity but being transformed by the renewal of our minds proving what is the will of God

Are we ready? REady to stop chasing the applause of men

And pay particular attention to Ephesians 2:10 :

 For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do….

Are we ready to let Him be the only  leader of our lives and not social media?

Cos what good is a workman who measures His self worth..by the amount of likes he gets on Instagram.?

Forgetting the one who’s love cannot be quantified by grams or any feeble  human unit of measurement…


For the harvest is plentiful…but the labourers are few and the devil goes around like a pandemic infection the church the 

deadliest virus of all… the virus of indifference to the lost souls

Trapped in their myopic belief that The I am that I am is non-existent 

Indifference to their hearts resistant to the gospel…over-dependent on their human capacity yet in truth lack the ability to tame

the abnormalities in their lives


It’s time to get ready

Ready to strive and to toil because our hope is in the Lord

Ready to fan into flame the gift of God in us

Ready to forget what lies behind and push on towards what lies ahead

Ready to drop our Suits of complacency break forth as Vikings functioning as Supernaturals

To push on even when the world places us on its Blacklist

For if we believe in Him Greater and Stranger things shall we accomplish

Are we ready to present a sick and dying world to the Doctor Who exists above sickness and disease


Because it’s in these times of crisis that the world needs to know that Jesus Christ is Lord

That’s why I preach him in my pieces…cos its only in Christ that peace is….

Are we ready to repeat the words of Carrie Underwood and let Jesus take the wheel from our hands 

Cause we can’t do these on our own

Cause it’s time to be ready….ready for the masters use…


Courage Bansahhttps://ghdispatch.com
I am all that you heard about me


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