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List Of Top 10 Accredited Media Schools In Ghana

Check out: Top 10 Accredited Media Schools In Ghana

There are several media Schools in Ghana which are doing well in the media fraternity. However, here are some top 10 media schools which have earned and have been producing more passionate journalist into the industry. According to our research, The following media Schools have been dominating the media fraternity and also have affiliates to 1st Class Universities outside Ghana.

These schools have produced most of the A-list journalist in the country and have been doing well by serving the country and the world with positive news.

1. Ghana Institute Of Journalism

2. University Of Ghana School Of Communication Studies

3. University Of Education Department Of Communication And Media Studies

4. Bluecrest University College School Of Journalism And Mass Communication

5. Jayee University College Faculty Of Communication Science

6. African international University College

7. Christian service University College Department Of Communication

8. Crystal Galaxy College

9. All Stars Media College

10. Express Media College


Research and compiled by Ghdispatch.com



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