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Kwaku Manu Angrily descends on Salinko for bragging that he introduced him to a particular director.

Kweku Manu aka Bob Ziga is one of the actors and a Comedians in Ghana. He is very popular in the Ghana Movie industry precisely the Kumawood. Kwaku Manu has gotten angry because he said Salinko went for an interview with Paulino and he was claiming that he introduced him Kwaku Manu, to one of their directors known as Jones Agyemang. Kwaku Manu in his statement on Kwaku Manu TV stated that, what Salinko said in the interview isn’t true and that wasn’t his first time doing that. Kwaku Manu said Salinko has said that in his interview with Abeiku Santana on the Atuu program before. Kwaku Manu stated that he never knew Salinko anywhere before entering the movie industry. He entered the movie industry through Alex Kofi Adu who is also known as Agya Koo. Kwaku Manu in his speech stated that, the first time he met Salinko was when he went for a movie shoot with Agya Koo for the first time. He never knew Salinko anywhere. Beginning to know Salinko, Salinko was arrogant Kwaku Manu stated. Therefore Salinko claiming to be the one who introduced him to one of their senior directors, Jones Agyemang isn’t true because how he became closer to the director he is talking about is something else that Salinko doesn’t even know. Kwaku Manu said because of Salinko’s arrogance at that time, that was why he didn’t shine that much and so he is warning him to stop bringing the name Kwaku Manu down for fame. Full video is on YouTube, Kwaku Manu TV. Follow ghdispatch for more updates and interesting information.

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