Home News Kuami Eugene reveals why he can't even have a tattoo.

Kuami Eugene reveals why he can’t even have a tattoo.

Kuami Eugene is one of the favorite Ghanaian artist. He is also known to be a gospel musician aside the high Life. Ever since Eugene became well recognized in the music industry, his dressings and lifestyle has been decent. Kuami Eugene has explain the details why he can’t even Pierce or even have a tattoo. According to him, he loves his mother so much as his mother has been his everything throughout his life. Because of the tight bond between them, there is no single day that there won’t be any communication between them. According to Kuami, his mother doesn’t like tattoos and piercings as she sees them to be indescent and because her mum has been his guide and everything to his success, he doesn’t disrespect her. Kuami Eugene further revealed that her mum even decided not to talk to her for about a week because of his new hairstyle. According to Kuami, he drove all the way to his mum’s house just to explain before his mum talked to him and warned him for the last time. Kuami Eugene further added that, his mother became mad when she saw him in earrings for which he explained to her that it’s not piercing but just a clip. That’s an Interesting fact about Kuami Eugene and his mum. Continue to follow ghdispatch for more interesting updates.

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