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Know Your Blood Group And The Types of Diseases You Are At Risk of Getting Infected – Don’t Ignore

There are many reasons why it is important to know your blood group. Knowing your blood group helps you to select the appropriate diet that will suit your health, the appropriate medications that will benefit your health, the type of healthy lifestyle to live and more. In this article, I am going to show you how your blood can affect your health.

The types of blood we have is eight, but if I should make it simple, I would say four; A,B, AB and O, with each of them having positive and negative variants. Each and every type of blood has its strength and weakness. Blood type O is known to be the strongest amongst the others. There are certain diseases that can affect you depending on your blood type. Here are some of them below:


Your risk of getting stroke is higher if you have blood type AB. This is because, blood type AB is more likely to clot.


People with blood type A and B are more often diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Blood clot

Blood clot is when the blood turns into gel-like state unable to move through the veins. You are at risk if your blood type is either A,B or AB.

Heart disease

Heart disease is prevalent in A, B or AB blood type due to clotting of blood. O type people are safer when it comes to heart disease.

Stomach cancer

People with blood type A is specifically at risk of getting stomach cancer due to H. pylori infection common in type A blood caused by bacteria in the stomach.

Pancreatic cancer

Blood A, B and AB are at higher risk of getting this type of cancer due to infections of H. pylori.

• Stress

If you are blood type A, you tend to have more stress than any other types.


Ulcer is is commonly diagnosed of people with O blood type.

Knowing your blood group and the diseases you are likely to be affected, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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