Home Entertainment Karma is Indeed a Crazy Dog - Teephlow Jabs Guru 

Karma is Indeed a Crazy Dog – Teephlow Jabs Guru 

Karma is Indeed a Crazy Dog – Teephlow Jabs Guru 


Teephlow is knocking down everything in his way as he has slammed Guru over his Kuami Eugene feature snub.

The Takoradi born rapper claims that Guru’s humiliation is his own selfishness catching up with him.

According to Teephlow, Guru had taken ownership of the Alkaeeda trend back in the day and gave him no credit for pioneering the wave.

The rapper who recently released the sequel to his Phlowducation album dubbed Phlowducation 2 called out Guru stating that Karma is at work.

“With all those hits u still robbed a brother of a simple chance to shine when the new akaida dance wave came! U swore u never knew my song and even claimed u created the wave. Today u dey stress over collaboration. Smh. Karma is indeed a crazy dog,” Teephlow tweeted in response to Guru.

Teephlow insinuated that Guru deserved what he got after Kuami Eugene turned down his request for a collaboration.


Meanwhile, Teephlow earlier hit out at Medikal for stating that upcoming rappers fail to leave a mark because they are obsessed with competing and pleasing the masses.

Teephlow rubbished Medikal’s claim that uniqueness is the only key to succeeding as a rapper in the industry, insisting that the competition comes from a passion for the art and could never be separated from rap.

This has sparked conversation of a possible beef between both rappers.

Is Teephlow trying to use controversy to push his album or is he just being his usual assertive self? This is a question many are raising on social media.

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