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It was Agya Koo who held up the Ghana movie industry- Oboy Siki(Boys Boys) reveals.

Oboy siki who’s known in the movie industry as boys boys has explained some things to the public. Oboy Siki, the sugar daddy said in a recent interview with Rashad on GH page TV that, it was Agya Koo who stood up for the twi Movie industry in Ghana that we see today. In the interview, Oboy Siki revealed that after Santo died, the movie industry will have collapsed if not Agya Koo. He further revealed that The Nigerians are always ahead of us because they started the movie long ago and they use to advertise and make money in Ghana even though we were also producing movies. He explained that, Agya Koo’s contribution to the Ghana movie industry was superb such that he refused to act with the Nigerians when he was given the opportunity. According to Oboy Siki, when Agya Koo says nobody in the movie industry is up to his level then he is right. This is because Agya Koo started long ago as a comedian who use to act live concert party at the National theater. Because of his experience in acting, he has the right to say non of the members in the industry now is up to his level.

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