Home News Isreal Laryea of Joy news tests positive for Covid❗️

Isreal Laryea of Joy news tests positive for Covid❗️

As we all know, the virus is communicable to all, both the rich and the poor. Isreal Laryea of Joy news associated with Multimedia Group Limited which operates the major radio stations in Ghana.

He disclosed that on the onset of the virus in the Country, he was extremely cautious to adhere to all the safety protocols and be very mindful of his surroundings and the people he allowed to come into contact with.

He completely changed his eating habits, he stopped eating at the work canteen and brought in lunch everyday. He also didn’t allow anyone to use his car at work. He was very careful not to contract the virus.

However recently, he relaxed the extremities of this behavior towards contracting the virus. He started eating and the canteen at work and did a few other things he didn’t use to do earlier. Unfortunately, he got ill and tested positive for Covid-19. Fortunately, his immediate family tested negative.

This is to make us more conscious of the truth that the virus is spreading vastly and we have to strictly adhere to all the necessary protocols. Save yourself and save your loved ones around you!

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