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I’ll still pray for you no matter how you insult me – Prince David Osei replies Funny Face

Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei has finally replied Funny Face after the latter called him names for trying to sympathize with him.

Funny Face had shared some videos on his Instagram page about how he was manhandled by some police after he was arrested.

In the video he shared, Funny Face can be seen struggling with the police as he was been dragged on the floor and slapped like a common criminal.

Reacting to this, Prince David Osei commented on the post with a prayer emoji which angered Funny Face for some reason. Funny Face replied him saying that he is a hypocrite and he didn’t need his prayers nor his sympathy especially after he connived with his friends to bring him down.

Well, reacting in a rather matured way, Price David Osei wrote on Instagram that he had no issues with Funny Face and even though Funny insulted him, he knows he is hurting from all his issues with his baby mama and everything else.

He added that he understood what Funny was going through and as a good friend he’d do whatever it takes to make funny Face feel better and most importantly pray for him.

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