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I had to get a new passport because nobody could recognize me on the old one

Citizen of nigeria slimmed down by 79 KG and changed beyond recognition . The Story of a real Transformation which Stirred the entire instagram. Looking at the photo of this wonderful woman, it is hard to believe she weighed more than 123 kilos just a while back and she could hardly move about her own apartment.

According to Caitlin herself, she was a plump girl when a child too. At first her parents were glad to see their daughter had such a great appetite. But then her obsession with substantial delicious meals became a part of her lifestyle and didn’t leave her for many years. Naturally, excess weight didn’t make the girl attractive, and if it hadn’t been for her rapid slimming, most Nigerian citizens would never learn about her existance. But that would be a shame.

Recently Caitlin attracted a well-known modelling agency and thanks to her they made a series of photos about unusual body transformations. This way the company wants to draw attention to the obesity issue and motivate ordinary women to become more beautiful.

– Inside, I’ve always been a child, didn’t want to become an adult. That’s why boys, relationships, short skirts and parties were miles away from me until 19 or so. But when I reached high school age, I started to realize that I wanted other people to pay special attention to me too. Not just irritation, which I got when stepping on somebody’s foot at the party or the disgust people showed towards me when I was on the beach.

However, Caitlin’s dream to become a beauty with a perfect figure remained just a dream. The girl stopped going to the concerts, using public transport and even flying on the plane for one simple reason: she didn’t fit in standard seats. Once she was even asked to pay for 2 seat on a solid ground that average human weight doesn’t exceed 90 kilos.

By 35 Caitlin weighed 123 kilograms.

– Surely, I tried to slim down, but my weaknesses didn’t let me do it. It was too shameful and difficult for me to start going to the gym. A jiggly belly, shortness of breath, sweating. Ugh! Others told me, “Pull yourself together and go to the gym!” It’s easy to say, but much harder to actually do it. I felt helpless and the only thing that could calm me down was food.

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