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I feel sad when artistes beef – KiDi.

Musician KiDi says he is always sad when musicians engage in ‘beefs’ or have a go at each other.

According to Kidi, Ghana’s music industry is very small and the energy used in these “Beefs” can be channeled into making hit songs that can fetch musicians.

Speaking to Doreen Avio, Kidi asked Guru and Kuami to settle their differences to bring peace and put everything behind them for the good of the industry.

“Every time there is ‘beef’ or anything close to ‘beefs’, misunderstanding, I get sad. Anyone that knows me knows that I don’t like trouble. If I step on somebody’s toes, and the person goes around saying all sorts of things, I feel bad.

“I want the quickest way to make up and let’s get back to a happy way. Anytime I see misunderstanding going on social media among artistes especially, is sad, because the industry we are in is very small, we should not let petty things divide us.”

On the issue between Guru and Kuami Eugene, Kidi said he hopes it is resolved immediately.

Guru has released a diss song for VGMA’s Artiste of the Year winner, Kuami Eugene titled ‘Who born dog.’

This was after he said Kuami Eugene has disrespected him regarding a request to collaborate on a track.

Kuami Eugene in response said he will not collaborate with Guru because he once disrespected his boss, Richie.

Those comments did not go down well with a lot of social media users who blasted the ‘Angela’ hitmaker for being disrespectful.

Guru also reacted to the statement saying he did not beg for the collaboration.

He said he had only wanted to work with Kuami Eugene because he admired his talent.

Reacting to it, KiDi said “I hope that all parties involved can come to an amicable to end this together, discuss it, trash it and let’s move on.

“Let’s come together and make the music that will bring us money. Fights are not necessarily,” The Lynx Entertainment signee added.

The “Gyal dem sugar” hitmaker said the reason why they have not settled the feud is that it keeps unfolding.

He was positive that the issue would be solved and peace will prevail afterwards.

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