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Has anything changed ?

It seems people have still refused to wear their nose masks when leaving their homes because they are still in their communities.

Wearing the nose masks to cover only the mouth is wrong, it’s as equal as not wearing one at all. More also, do not assume your “system” is strong so you can fight the virus. The new variant of the virus is very deadly. It kills very rapidly and I don’t think you want to loose your life.

Let us please adhere to the necessary protocols, wearing the nose mask all day is not comfortable but it is better than laying in a sick bed. Just as we’ll all like to see each other at the end of the year, let us use that consciousness to protect ourselves and others from contracting the virus.

Remember to eat fruits to provide your body with the disease fighting vitamins, also, per the President’s directives, consume more of our local dishes as most of them are filled with iron and the vital nutrients needed in the body to boost immunity.

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