Home Entertainment Guess Who Just Lands First Leading Role In Paramount Film “Assisted Living”

Guess Who Just Lands First Leading Role In Paramount Film “Assisted Living”

Cardi B is expanding her entertainment footprint to Hollywood. The Grammy winner is set to star in the upcoming Paramount comedy, Assisted Living. In the upcoming role, the New York native will play the role of Amber, a petty criminal who finds herself involved in a heist gone wrong. Unsure of what to do next, Amber looks for places to hide and evade police officers. Along the way, she comes up with the idea to disguise herself as an elderly woman and hide in her estranged grandmother’s nursing facility.

Assisted Living landed at Paramount after a tense bidding war in 2019. Temple Hill Entertainment and Stephen Love are producing the film while Kay Oyegun handles writing duties. Temple Hill Entertainment is well known as the production company behind the Twilight Saga and The Hate UGive. Meanwhile, Love has made his name in Hollywood producing the upcoming film, Shadow Force, starring Sterling K. Brown and KerryWashington. Oyegun is known for his work on the popular series, This Is Us.


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