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Grace Ajilore Biography; Career, Net worth, Top works, YouTube

Grace Ajilore Biography

Grace Ajilore is a Nigerian English YouTuber and Actress. Grace Ajilore was born on 20th December 1991 and is 28 years old. She has three sisters and a brother. She was born in Nigeria and later moved to London with her entire family. Her parents owned a store in their neighborhood and they were the only black people there at that time. Due to this, Grace Ajilore and her siblings faced a lot of racism attacks while growing up. She was a tomboy while growing up, but has changed to become a very funny and feminine woman. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 59 kilograms.

Grace Ajilore Relationships

Grace Ajilore has a partner whose name she has chosen to hide. She lives with him and had a son with him earlier this year. She has also not revealed whether they’re married or not but has called him her husband before.

Grace Ajilore Career

Grace Ajilore works as a YouTuber, social media influencer, blogger, entrepreneur, and actress. She has a channel that has 150k subscribers and also has a very vibrant following on Instagram and Twitter. She began her YouTube channel on 20th May 2009 and is still going strong since the onset. Grace has her own clothing line which she released early this year. It features some simple, easy, outing wear. She has also played minor roles in some Nigerian productions.

Grace Ajilore Net worth

Grace Ajilore has a net worth of $3 million. She makes the majority of her fortune from her YouTube channel and her roles as an actress.

Grace Ajilore YouTube Channel

Grace’s is a very popular YouTuber and has amassed a multitude of followers. She usually gives advice to her followers from her personal experiences and from stories she has read. She talks about her family also but doesn’t always show them. Her videos are mostly hilarious even when she’s discussing highly serious and sensitive issues.

Grace Ajilore Top movies

She played a minor role in Red TV’s The Men’s Club.


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