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Government Of Ghana To Distribute Laptops To All Teachers In Ghana At A Cost Of GHC 465.00

Laptops to be distributed to all Teachers in Ghana by the Government of Ghana. The total cost of a laptop is GHC 1550.00. Each Teacher Teacher will pay GHC 465.00 which is 30% of the total cost and government and the teacher unions will take the 70% of the remaining cost of the laptop.

Laptops are ready to be distributed to teachers on a cost sharing basis of 70% by government and 30% by Teachers. The following are the proposed features and to be captured.

1. Sample lesson note

2. Scheme of work

3. Curriculum from KG to SHS

4. Code of Conduct

5. Labour Act

6. Education Bill

7. Teachers Standards

8. Text Books

9. Ghana’s Constitution, etc

Government will pay an amount of GHC 1085.00. and Teachers will also pay GHC 465.00. It will be installment payments, GHC 38.75 per month for 12 months, and will be deducted every month for a period of 12 months. It will be deducted from the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD)

Features and Specifications of the Laptop.

The GNAT,NAGRAT,CCT,, Government customized laptops built to the teachers unions specifications.

1. Celeron 4020 processor ( equivalent to core i3 Intel processor; core i3 are known to be lower tiered processor but highly energy efficient)

2. Internal memory: 500GB

3.RAM: 4ai3 ( very ok by today’s Standards)

4. Graphic: GHD 600

5. Battery:10000mAH( quite long lasting in place with limited electricity backup.

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