Home News "Fire (🔥) Out break in Bank of Ghana".

“Fire (🔥) Out break in Bank of Ghana”.

The year 2021 started well for some people but also turned out bad for others. Calamities are all over the country, accident and suicide everywhere. Ibrah One who is one of the youngest self made millionaires in Ghana has been dropping his claiming prophecies day in and day out about our top politicians and leaders in the country. Ibrah One has released a set of prophecies again and on his list, number 4 states that bank of Ghana will experience fire outbreak in June“. Check out the rest of his claiming prophecies below.

1. Filling stations will start to experience fire outbreaks.

2. There will be food poisoning, because some foreign foods will be poisoned by the whites through vaccine.

3. Some Mallams who also performed rituals for sakawa boys will also say bye bye soon.

5. Some NPP leader will start to run out of town in March.

6. Kennedy will start to side with NDC soon, #Madness

7. Sammy Gyamfi will say bye bye to Ghanaians.

8. Ex President’s wife will say bye bye soon. These are the series of prophecies he listed. Check out the screenshot of the post below.


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