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Exercises You Should Do To Ease Neck Pain

The most usual cause of most common forms of neck pain pain is due to bad posture. This puts more tension on the muscles of the neck, causes pain and mostly irritates the joints. A lot of people try to find solutions to this problem. Exercise can really help you to reduce the pain thereby strengthening the neck and increases Mobility.

Many people suffer from neck pain which could be a result of so many factors. People usually try to manage neck pain in their homes by using Over the Counter drugs which are pain relievers.

Exercise can also help reduce tension in the neck and helps to increase movement in the neck.

Depending on the cause of your neck pain, exercise may help to reduce the pain or to stop the pain. If it is due to an injury, one is advised to see a doctor before engaging in any format of exercise in order to prevent any complications.

Neck pains can be very uncomfortable that it usually disrupts daily activities.

In this article, we will look at some exercises that could help ease the pain in your neck and some possible causes of neck pains and some potential causes of pain in the neck.

Some Causes of Neck pain.

1. Straining the neck muscles when lifting heavy weights or sleeping in the wrong position.

2. Headaches radiating to the back of the head.

3. Spinal problems

4. sitting in a wrong position for too long.

Exercises To Ease Neck Pain

1. Forward Bending

This is done by lowering your head towards your chest and holding for a moment. After that hold, hold your head upward in a neutral position and try repeating this for many times as you can.

2. Side Bends

This is done by extending both your arms straight above your head and then clasp your hands. Lean slowly towards your left and right without bending your neck.

3. Shoulder Rolls

This is done by placing your head and neck in a neutral position after that, lift your shoulders in a shrugging motion and make sure you don’ t move your head or neck. Move your shoulders in a circular motion and try squeezing your shoulder blades together and then release them to push forward.

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