Home Entertainment "End Long Throat Just Like SARS" – Actress Chioma Grace Tells Colleagues

“End Long Throat Just Like SARS” – Actress Chioma Grace Tells Colleagues

Nigerian actress, Chioma Grace ifemeludike, has descended on the Nigerian citizens and celebrities who urge governance and corruption in Nigeria.

According to her, some people have become dogs to politicians because of their selfish motives. She indicated that they do not question the politicians on their stands and plans to increase the better living of the citizens.

Chioma Grace Ifemeludike

However, they succumb to their evil plans to continue with their corrupt strategic rulings. She advised her fellow celebrities in the entertainment industry, to help protest against the long throat as well. To her, whenever the politicians request for their company amid the election they should interrogate them to weigh what they can do for the Citizens.

Chioma indicated that they should request their manifestos and go through them. According to her, it would help out to pinpoint what would add to the economic stability of the country. However, Chioma urged them to be strict on these politicians just like they did in the EndSARS protest. This would end the corruption in Nigeria, politicians, and bad governance.

See screenshot below:


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